For any motorcycle owner, safety is of paramount importance. This should be true for anyone operating any type of vehicle, really, but given the risks associated with motorcycle driving, and the vulnerability of drivers during accidents, safety seems to be emphasized particularly for motorcyclists. However, while personal safety is the #1 concern, it's also important to protect your motorcycle to the best of your ability, in order to avoid falling prey to oppressive costs in the event of an accident or theft. Generally, this comes down to securing the best possible insurance policy, so as to set yourself up for at least partial compensation in the event that some misfortune befalls you and your motorcycle. However, motorcycle insurance can also be quite expensive! Because it's still [...]
The simple truth of the matter is that shopping for motorcycle accessories or parts online can save you money and may even allow you to get something that your dealer cannot. It is also safer than ever to make such purchases online thanks to many security features, fraud protection and the capability of some cards to be masked when making the buy. The wide variety of items can be an eye opening experience, or it can be somewhat intimidating for the uninitiated. There are some basic steps to take before pursuing a modification or picking up a part using the glorious and infamous World Wide Web. Deciding what to buy First of all, you must decide which part or accessory you are after. Though this may seem obvious, making a good choice as to what you do and what you do not feel com [...]
So you want to rent, or hire, a motorcycle? Unfortunately, this is not as simple as renting a car – those places are everywhere from airports to remote areas of China; yep, if you need a four-wheeled vehicle, you will not have much trouble in much of the world. Renting, or hiring, a motorcycle is not nearly so simple, but this site is intended to help you more easily find, research and rent a motorcycle in areas in which it is actually possible.   Research your motorcycle Rental The obvious first step in any motorcycle rental will be the research. You will need to find out whether the area you live in or to which you are travelling has any businesses which let motorcycles out for rent. There are many methods for this; one is to turn to an Internet search engine, [...]
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